Westminster Debate for Fathers: What happened

Last night, The Westminster Debate for Fathers tooks place in The House of Commons. The atmosphere was electric, the guests eclectic and the projector screen a dazzling neon blue…

What Happened….

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2 responses to “Westminster Debate for Fathers: What happened

  • Naomi Richards

    I thought the debate was very well organised. It was great to hear the objectives of the top table and it was both encouraging and motivating to see people with such passion for helping single fathers. Please make sure I get an invite to the next one Natasha. Best wishes.

  • Manish

    I found the debate to be very interesting in terms of the various views people had of single fatherhood as well as the support and that was given by the panel. It brought confidence of change in a more equal and fair direction. Currently I am writing about my current situation of separation and access issues with my son http://www.silentreflection.info which I do hope to be of some use to others when dealing with the changes and challenges they may encounter. I do hope I get to attend more debates in the future. Many thanks.

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