Westminster Debate: Update on the Riots

In today’s Guardian newspaper we are told that there may be a risk of yet more riots by The Riots Communities and Victims Panel, which was created to look at the riots and examine the causes for them. The Panel set to work trying to find out the causes for the unrest and heard reasons ranging from the need to steal trainers to “a desire to attack society“.

Also of great interest was Panel Chairman, Darra Singh’s observation that, “while deprivation is not an excuse for criminal behaviour we must seek to tackle the underlying causes of the riots or they will happen again“. She goes on to say,”our findings have led us to set out recommendations for immediate action by individuals, government, public services and business. The threat of future riots and the response to them is not somebody else’s problem.

As our Westminster Debate on the riots draws closer, now is the perfect time for family law professionals, members of government and key stakeholders to take some of that responsibility and help work towards creating the ultimate system, which can help to tackle many of those underlying problems (which will not go away regardless of how vigilant our police force becomes or how efficient we become at punishing members of our society) and to help give children the support they deserve. Social exclusion is spreading and the possibility of more riots looming over the horizon are simply symptoms of a deeper problem.

If you would like to attend our debate, please leave your name and contact details below and we will send you an invite.

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