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Speeches for Debate on Child Abuse, Religion and Human Rights

Last night’s debate was hugely successful, with a full house and lots of thought-provoking comment, and it’s with great pleasure that we can share the speeches given by our panel members.

From Baroness Cox’s opening remarks on FGM, child sexual abuse and religion’s part to play in monitoring and addressing these concerns, to Rabbi Romain’s rousing speech on the responsibility of religious leaders to come together and explore the reasons behind this kind of behaviour, you’ll find a wide array of interesting and inspiring thought.

We hope you enjoy the speeches.

Please click on the links below to access our panel members’ thought-provoking speeches:


Poster for Westminster Debate on Child Abuse, Religion and Human Rights

We now have a lovely poster for our event on the 18th November, “Religious Power: Risk and Regulation”, which will look at religious authority, its regulation and the extent to which that regulation has failed to safeguard against human rights breaches involving child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The poster was made for us by Clare Whiting, and on behalf of the sponsors of the event we say a big thank you to her for all her patience and hard work (and more patience). You can see our lovely poster below: