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Video Footage of the Debate

Birgit Cunningham of Babies for Justice has kindly allowed me to post up her footage of the debate. That’s right, you can see us all in motion. Ay,ay,ay…..

You Tube

Many thanks to Birgit for this.

You’re invited to the After Party!

Didn’t get the chance to come to the debate? Didn’t want to leave home? Now you don’t have to…. the debate is coming to you and our series of After Party podcasts are just the ticket. Sit back, relax and listen to guests and panel members tell it like it was.

The After Party

You’ve been Papped!

Photos of The Westminster Debate for Fathers: named and shamed!

Westminster Debate for Fathers: What happened

Last night, The Westminster Debate for Fathers tooks place in The House of Commons. The atmosphere was electric, the guests eclectic and the projector screen a dazzling neon blue…

What Happened….

Westminster Debate for Fathers: Invitations

If you would like to attend this debate, please e mail Researching Reform at so that an invitation can be sent out to you, as spaces are limited.

Thank you.

Press Release

The Press Release for The Westminster Debate for Fathers:

Press Release