Religion & Human Rights

Welcome to our next event, which takes place on November 18th in The House of Commons.  The debate will examine religious authority, its regulation and the extent to which that regulation has failed to safeguard against human rights breaches in the UK, and internationally.

The debate will look at child abuse within a faith setting and ask whether religious leaders are addressing the problem sufficiently, and whether the current inquiry into child abuse has placed sufficient emphasis on this area of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

This Westminster Debate is co-hosted by City of London Interfaith, Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors (MACSAS), The Hindu Muslim Forum and Imams and Rabbis Council of the United Kingdom (Children of Abraham).

Simply click on the links below to access all the latest information on this debate:

The debate is an open event, so if you would like to attend please call Natasha on 07769 647 983, or email Natasha at to reserve your seats. Thank you.

If you are attending, please remember that it may take up to 30 minutes to pass through Security at The House of Commons.


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