Welcome to The Westminster Debate for Fathers. On this site, you will find up to the minute information on the debate which took place on Tuesday June 15th at The House of Commons, including biographies of our panel members, details of the organisations taking part, post-debate podcasts and photos of the event.

The co-hosts for this event were Bob Greig and William McGranaghan of Only Dads and Dads House. As single fathers, they are focused on child welfare and view this in terms of parental responsibilities as opposed to parental rights. Both Bob and Billy set up their organisations with a view to offering single dads the kind of support they would have found very helpful but which was not available to them when they needed it.

Their approach is open and holistic; they want to engage with government, mothers’ groups and services and other like-minded fathers’ associations in a way that is collaborative, not competitive and with a view to making the transition into single parenthood as natural and enjoyable as possible.

We hope you find this site interesting and that it opens up debate on the most pressing issues surrounding Family Policy in Britain.

Warm wishes,


Researching Reform

3 responses to “About

  • william Mcgranaghan

    I think this would be a great opportunity. For different organisations to meet, and let everyone know.About some of the great work that is going on.
    William Mcgranaghan
    Chief Exctutive

  • Bob Greig

    This will be an important debate. It is our pleasure and privilege to be working with Dadshouse, and our other panel members. And we could not wish for a better Chair…!

  • Kirsten Gronning

    Congratulations to Bob, Billy (and Natasha and team) on making such a positive impact on single dads. Your sterling efforts remind me of Bernice Johnson Reagon’s quote: “Life challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they are supposed to help you discover who you are.” You are amazing examples of just how single dads *can* win through (whatever that may mean) and it’s been lovely to learn a few tricks from you too x

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